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Nagpur Naturals is focused on healthy life, so they produce natural products.

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Nagpur Natural is an initiative where we have adopted a sustainable model that promotes natural farming practices. it is a coop of about 400+ farmers who practice traditional farming methods.

benefits of Nagpur naturals farming to farmer

  • Reduced/ cut input costs 
  • Fetch a premium price on produce
  • Natural organic farming improves soil quality
  • Nagpur naturals made farmers self sufficient and self reliant.

benefits of Nagpur naturals farming to consumers

  • Consumers enjoy natural chemical-free produce
  • They get same rate in all the seasons irrespective of market rate
  • Nagpur naturals gifts future generations with better health

Why Nagpur Naturals?

Hemant Singh Chavan, an agricultural supervisor from Nagpur, is one such person who fight for the benefits of farmer. He was disturbed by the suicides of farmers and the ill effects of poisonous food. But about twelve years ago, he came in contact with Subhash Palekar, a natural organic agriculture expert, and many of his questions were answered. Chavan sir studied the Palekar pattern through his actions. Due to the limitations in government jobs, he was in charge of work on holidays as well as before going to the office in the morning and after office in the evening. Ramdaspeth Litter Park and Rana Pratap Nagar have 2 separate shops near the chowk. The Nagpur natural shop was attended by about a hundred farmers cultivating natural and organic technology around the city of Nagpur. The farmers in Nagpur natural shop supply more than one thousand Nagpur-based customers throughout the year with natural organic vegetables, grains, pulses, oil, fruits and spices at reasonable rates. Hemant Chavan, who worked as a supervisor in the agriculture department, had to undergo twelve years of penance.
Sales centers set up by farmers growing vegetables and other cereals in natural and organic agriculture It was chavan sir’s dream that he accomplished. The movement of natural organic food has brought good awareness in Nagpur. Because of today’s chemical fertilizers, everyone is aware of this, so consumers think this initiative has been started. Dr. Harish Wardhe, Medical Director is working in Life Line. He said that If we accept natural organic food in our life, it can protect us from many diseases or we can stay healthy and wholesome. Due to this, As natural organic vegetables are sold at the same rate throughout the year, farmers are getting guaranteed prices. Many consumers are the beneficiaries of the direct sales movement of these Nagpur natural commodities. Hemant Singh Chavan’s family has been consuming natural organic agricultural products for the last four years. 

Successful Story Of Nagpur Naturals


The Man Behind Nagpur Natural

Hemant Singh Chauhan, the founder of Nagpur Naturals, was working in Agriculture dept. At Nagpur. He was disturbed by the plight of the farmers as they were committing suicides due to low value received for their produce from mandis. The input cost was high due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The actual sentiment behind the effort is to give the farmer his due and also to bring pesticide and  chemical free vegetables and cereals to consumers.

During this time he did some research and was influenced by works of Shri Subhash Palekar and his model of Natural farming methods(SPNF).

SPNF Movement

Green revolution in mid 90’s led to a rampant use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides leaving a horrendous impact on environment, fertility of soil and almost irreversible health effects. This Green revolution is also responsible for the mono-crop culture. Though the green revolution ensured food security in our country, but on the other hand it had serious long term impacts that we did not desired. These things altogether has robbed the soil of its fertility resulting in a low quality yield. Chemical farming has also looted the farmer to an extent that he cannot come out of the vicious cycle of debt trap. This has led to an increase in number of farmer suicides.

It was time to change some patterns:

–The way the farming is done

–The way we consume our food

–A way we break the vicious cycle of debt.

–A way we create an “Atmanirbhar Kisan”

To break this vicious cycle an Indian agriculture scientist, Padma Shri awardee Mr. Subhash Palekar promoted this Zero budget natural farming commonly known as SPNF

It is a comprehensive approach as opposed to current high-cost chemical farming, a methodology which is deep rooted in our Indian tradition.

Instead of using commercially produced chemical fertilizers and pesticides, SPNF promotes use of Jeevamrut, Beejamrut which adds nutrients to the soil and promotes microbial activities.

This way the farmer becomes self sustainable, self reliant thus enjoying the benefits of Natural farming.

Formation of Nagpur Naturals

In 2015, Nagpur Naturals was formed to support the farmers practicing Natural farming methods.

We organized natural farming workshops and demonstrated them methods of natural farming.

We started with some 150 farmers. We now have,

– 400+ famers currently associated

–15+ shops across Maharashtra based on similar model

Amravati Naturals, Jalgaon Naturals, Nasik Naturals and more.

–20+ shops across India

–A big consumer base

–Farmer Family involved in various day to day activities.

Advantages of Natural organic food

  • These directly grown foods by farmers are natural, which do not use any chemical to produce.

  • These foods are rich in nutrition and taste. However, they do not look as colorful and presentable as they are decorated in shops.

  • Nagpur natural foods also do not harm the environment. They do not harm the top surface of fertile soil. Consequently, one can be said to be closer to nature.

  • Research suggests that natural  organic foods are 10 to 50 percent more nutritious than traditional foods.

  • By using Nagpur natural food more and more, you can reduce the risk of health problems

  • Nagpur natural food is safer for a longer period of time than traditional food.

  • Nagpur natural food contains phenolic compounds that protect our heart from the dangers of cardiovascular disease and major diseases.

  • Natural organic fruits and vegetables grown in natural farms have more antioxidants than other yields.