100% Natural Guarantee

  • Our gurantee:

–When we say 100% natural we assure that we supply a produce that is grown naturally using the traditional farming practices.

–We assure that there is no use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, instead we use Jeevamrut,  Beejamrut, Neemastra, Brahmastra, Dasaparni and more , which adds nutrients to the soil, promotes microbial activities and keeps diseases and pests at bay

–We also assure you that our farmers use indigenous seeds and crops that suit their local soil and climate and never use GM seeds for cultivation. We have separate farmlands for indigenous seed development. This implies that we don’t depend on anybody for seeds.

  • How can you be assured ?

–You can make out from the taste. Natural foods taste better with original taste.

–You can also visit these farms to assure yourself.